Tests and Resources Multi-ROM

  • Printable and photocopiable worksheets and tests in pdf and editable Word formats.
  • 63 graded grammar and vocabulary worksheets (1-3 star).
  • 9 CLIL extension worksheets for each of the Curriculum extra topics in the Student’s Book.
  • 9 video scripts for drama lessons through English.
  • 9 communicative pairwork worksheets to offer extra speaking practice in the classroom.
  • 27 graded unit tests including listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing activities (1-3 star).
  • 3 end-of-term tests and 1 end-of-year test at three levels (1-3 star).
  • Speaking tests for each unit, end-of-term and end-of-year tests.
  • Audio for the listening tests.